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Helping at-risk children and youth be safe and thrive in stable homes and supportive environments.

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Client Story

Against all odds, a family of five stays together.
Idaho Safe Families team mobilized within 24 hours.

It was a bright Monday morning in 2023 when Lenny and Darla* walked through the doors of our Safe Families for Children office in Boise, Idaho, accompanied by their three young children. Their weary faces spoke volumes about years of hardship, battling homelessness and the fear of losing their family to a system they knew all too well.


They felt hopeless and were prepared to give up their children. Our team mobilized instantly. Within 24 hours, we secured a volunteer host home for their children, a safe space where they could stay while Lenny and Darla focused on rebuilding their lives. 


The children's needs were extensive – from medical and dental care to behavioral and educational support. But our circle of volunteers was determined – the same determination that made life better for 55 other families in 2023. Volunteers orchestrated appointments, arranged transportation for the parents to visit, and identified developmental programs and schooling options for the kids. 


Meanwhile, Lenny and Darla were matched with a supportive coach. With the help of the Boise area Safe Families community, Lenny and Darla found jobs, secured essential resources like food and clothing, and saved enough to purchase a car and pay off debts. Every weekend, they treasured their visits with their children.


As the seasons turned, hope blossomed. Lenny and Darla's dedication paid off; they were reunited with their children in an environment where stability, care, and education were finally within reach. For the first time in years, they saw a path forward.


LCSNW is proud to operate Safe Families programs in Treasure Valley, Idaho, and Yamhill County, Oregon. By providing emergency care for children and other forms of radical hospitality, our teams offer a beautiful alternative to the foster care system.


*Lenny and Darla are not their real names.


Staff Profile

Brandy Hendrickson

Brandy has worked as a Family Partner, Certified Peer Counselor, for seven years. She was recently voted 2024 Employee of the Year by her colleagues in LCSNW’s Tri-Cities District. 


One reason why Brandy excels at her work on the WISe team ((Wraparound with Intensive Services) is that she doesn’t hesitate to share her personal experience. Fifteen years ago, she was in the WISe program with her own son, and it helped her family through a difficult time.


“I remember the feeling of hopelessness and how people must think I am a bad parent and that I raised my son to have these behaviors,” said Brandy, who lives in Kennewick, Washington. “During the program I learned how I wasn't alone and that there was a network of people to support my family and gave us the tools to succeed.”


Brandy says she enjoys watching family members learn to communicate and connect with one another, and become more empowered. She feels she learns as much from them as they learn from her.


Being part of a team and knowing there is support here for mental health is what keeps her going. Way to go Brandy! 

Volunteer Profile

Sam and Julie Hands

Sam and Julie have served as foster parents for our Unaccompanied Refugee Minor (URM) program in Spokane for three years and have successfully fostered three youth. Their dedication in ensuring a youth feels welcomed in their new home shows in every action.


One of their youth arrived shy and quiet. But one night the foster family took time to cook dishes from his home country, and since then he has not stopped smiling. Their appreciation for a youth’s culture, interests, and achievements has allowed their youth to thrive.


Sam and Julie have never limited their support to the youth placed in their home. For example, Sam took on the task of teaching many Spokane URM youth living on their own how to drive. 


We are so appreciative of Sam and Julie’s continued willingness to embrace the chaos and to support youth in any way they can. Volunteers like them are the heartbeat of our URM programs in Spokane and the Greater Puget Sound region.

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By the Numbers

Safe Families for Children (Boise and Yamhill County)

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Children and Adults Served 




Safe Bed Nights Provided
for Children 

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Relief Nurseries (Klamath Falls and Yamhill County)

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Total Children Served


Families Served



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Unaccompanied Refugee Minors (Puget Sound and Spokane)

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Youth Served

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Wraparound with Intensive Services - WISe
(Puget Sound, Tri-Cities, Spokane)

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Youth Served

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Stabilization & Wellness in Families - SWIFT (Tri-Cities)

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Youth in Crisis Served

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“I really like that [my home visitor] pays attention to the details. Recently we have had a lot of stress with a kitchen fire and she is always checking up on me and my kids. She is a really good listener.” 

A mother participating in Healthy Families services, Yamhill County, Oregon

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